To which countries does herbs-and-more.eu ship?

Worldwide. If your location (Country, state, local municipalties, etc.) has restrictions regarding Kratom and you can prove to have the legal rights to import Kratom into your location where regulations exist, you can place an order too, otherwise not. Locations in which Kratom is illegal are completely outruled. The customer is responsible for checking the legal status of the products in his location before placing an order.


What payment methods does herbs-and-more.eu offer?

You can pay with bank transfer or Western Union. At the moment Bitcoins are not accepted but this may change in the near future. Credit card and others may also be introduced.


How can i change the payment method after placing an order?

 You can contact herbs-and-more.eu and we will find a solution (info@herbs-and-more.eu).


Can i buy goods lokally?

No, herbs-and-more.eu is as of now solely an online store.


What if my goods do not show up?

Depending on location, it can take some time for goods to be delivered. However, if it takes unusually long you can contact herbs-and-more.eu for more information on the shipment. If the goods do not turn up at all, we will find a solution.


Can you give me tips on how to use the products?

No, the products are sold as described in the product description.


Can i order to areas in which Kratom is restricted or illegal?

If you can verify you have permission to order Kratom into an area where it is regulated, then yes you can place an order. The customer is responsible for checking the legal status of the products in his relevant location (country, state, district of local government, etc.) before placing an order.